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Transform the Look of Standard Concrete

Concrete work will complement a home or business if it is done properly. Tru Color Xperts make your property a focal point with custom concrete staining and engraving. Either separately or together, these options will add style to your residential or commercial structure. Request our concrete services with exterior painting to give your property a finished appearance. We proudly serve customers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area.

Stained Flooring

Be Creative with Your Surroundings

Make your commercial building more attractive with concrete staining from our company. We specialize in acid and pigment stains that enhance all types of architecture. Whatever types of patterns you want, we will create for you, from simple borders to more intricate designs.

We can also use stains to customize your building's concrete surfaces with your company colors, logo, or slogan. Even though you might think otherwise, the great thing about concrete staining is that it is low maintenance. Although mostly used in commercial applications, you're welcome to request concrete staining for your home.

The Mark of Excellence

Your concrete stain patterns will be truly distinctive if you complement them with concrete engraving. The process we use gives your concrete a three-dimensional effect and turns your building into a work of art. We recommend engraving to add some pizzazz to dull concrete patios and porches, but you can request it for any of your concrete surfaces.